It all starts with FRESH coffee...

Have you ever eaten a tortilla chips out of a bag that's been open for a couple of days? They don't taste good, do they? Well, we are here to tell you that this happens with coffee too. 

Preground coffee sales outpace whole bean sales 12-to-1 according to research firm Euromonitor. Coffee starts to go stale 30 minutes after it has been ground. Given that your average can of coffee has been sitting on the shelf for about a week, even in a vacuum-sealed cannister, it has already come in contact with oxygen prior to the canning/bagging process. Talk about STALE! YUCK!

We say, "STOP THE MADNESS!!" You deserve better. That's where we come in. Our coffee is roast to order based on your preferences. We deliver it to you in whole bean form so it doesn't go stale. You can grind it when you are ready to drink it ensuring full flavor and body. 

Yes, it's a little more expensive than what you find on a grocery store shelf, but why would you start your day drinking stale, brown water when you can enjoy all the freshness and flavor that whole bean coffee delivers? Order a pound or two today!